During my career, i was able to grant the success of many projects. As software project manager i learned expert IT techniques in development, test, validation and integration process. As Project Manager both in the ticketing and automotive industry, I was accountable for large scale projects and was able to deliver all of them successfully. From these experiences, I learned project oriented skills, relationship, team building and team management.
Since my youth, I have a personal passion for modern technology and the way it can help the people and the industry.
Agilist from the beginning of it, I enjoy solving problems and improve process and products.
I am autonomous when leading projects, but i work really well with others when needed. I am really flexible and comfortable working in a changing environment.

Personal Skills: Responsible - Autonomous - Relationship building - Decision Making - Solution oriented - Lot of common sense - Flexible and Adaptable

Project Management
Functional Analysis
Requirements Management
Team Management
Agile Methodology
Fluent English (TOEIC Score 955)
Fluent (TOEIC Score 955)
Office Software
Software Development

As Product Owner, my mission is to guarantee a consistent representation of the product, to define its evolutions according to customer needs folowing the priorities established by the Product manager.
I am integrated in the agile development teams as the Product Reference and I define the product requirements for R&D.

  • In pre-sales:
    • Identification and cost calculation of product development needs
    • Determines if the developments to be carried out can be integrated into the product policy or must be carried out specifically
  • In the study phase:
    • Write User Scenarios for product evolutions
    • Refines and extends the functional needs of product developments
    • Keeps the functional repository of the product up to date
    • Redaction of the functional part of the response to the calls for proposals
  • In development phase:
    • Writes User Stories to define new product features
    • Amend Business Analyst's User Stories to assure continuty of the product if necessary
    • Prioritizes developments and debugs in agile teams
    • Performs PO Checks to validate the developments of agile teams
  • Product Improvement:
    • Participation in product development backlog reviews
    • Manages the functional product repository
    • Performs a proactive technology watch

My mission was to grant our customers a ticketing solution in accordance of their needs, their exigence and the contract specifications. I needed to understand the market, and all the functional details of the products developed by Vix technology to be able to minimise the costs. In the VIX organisation, the Business Analyst intervene from the bid phase (call for proposals) until the contract execution, assuming the roles of Functional Project Manager and Product Owner in the agile development teams.

  • Prior to the sale :
    • Detailed Functional analysis
    • Identification and cost calculation of development needs
    • Redaction of the functional part of the response to the calls for proposals
    • Active participation in auditions assuming the role of Functional Expert
  • In the study phase :
    • Functional needs gathering (Qualification Learning Tree International)
    • Planning and production of the detailed specifications
    • Planning and animation of the technical meetings (internal and externals, with the customers and services providers)
    • Analysis and cost calculation of the product evolutions
  • in the development phase :
    • Assuming the role of Product Owner in the Agile development teams
    • Monitor the development, the tests and the software integration
  • Product Upgrade :
    • Active participation in the product upgrade process
    • Ticketing Technology Watch

During this mission, I actively participated in the Agile methodology migration of the Vix Developement Center by being one of the pilots of the first Agile development team in a Live project (>5M€). This project was successful and permitted to deploy the Agile Methodology to all developpment teams, improving mostly the quality of the developed software.
I also helped created all the Agile tools still used by VIX (Kanban, backlog, User Stories, KPI etc...)
The Migration was coached by a recognized Agile Consulting Company : OCTO technology

Responsible for client progress reports, cost control, invoicing, variation claims, contract condition and risk management of large scale ticketing projects, i worked in direct interface with the customers, the departments leaders, project directors and senior project managers. I orchestrated tasks of large projects, resolving any problems and issues that arose, ensuring staff and sub-contractors timesheets were accurately completed.

  • Managed the project team including any subcontractors
  • Definition of the project development plan
  • Decomposition, Planning, attribution and tracking of all the project tasks
  • Redaction of the general specifications
  • Ensuring Projects and Programmes are executed according to the Quality Assurance Plan
  • Assume the role of Customer direct interface
  • Undertook monthly project financial cost reporting
  • Preparing status report for the use of internal direction and customers

  • My duties was procure all needs in software to the company as barcode processing for logistics, Hypercube databases for financial analysis or Electronic Data Interchange in direct interface with customers (VW, Honda, Renault, Nissan, Porsche, etc.) for just in time procurement...
  • I was in charge of the needs gathering and analysis. Depending of the needs, I was in charge of finding software sub-contractors and leading the project until the delivery process or I was committed to use the internal software development resources to guaranty the delivery, participating actively in the development process.
  • In most of the projects i was interfacing the AS400 software ERP Mapics
  • Specialisation in Electronic Data Interchange : A standard for distributing invoices and just in time order and shipping messages. Internationally used in the automotive industry and mass-market retailing.


  • Estimate management Software
    Tech : Windev – SQL Server
  • Computerization of most of company forms
    Tech : Infopath Designer
  • Barcode based Logistics system
    Tech : Delphi, Barcode, SQL DB2 pour AS400 (iseries), Streamserve
  • Web based Electronic Purchase Order - Used in all the company instances (French, English, German and Chinese)
    Tech : .net/Delphi/SQL. Multi Currency, Multi Language
  • Supplier Scores Software
    Tech : Delphi, SQL
  • Quality workflows for engineering changes (DDMI)
    Tech : Microsoft Sharepoint/Sharepoint Designer
  • Sales, Financial, Budget and Order Forecast SQL DataCube
    Tech : SQL Developer Studio - SQL Server

Course Instructor, responsible for courses, Tutorial classes and practical classes on software development (C/C++), Intended for future engineers.

Analysis, development and delivery of a secured, web based, administration interface for a mobile camera. Tech : Java, C++, HTML

Teaching temporary replacement for USM students

Laboratoire d’informatique de Franche-Comté (LIFC)
Université de Franche-Comté

DEA Informatique Automatique et Productique
(MASTER 2 in Advanced Degree in Computer Sciences, Automatc and industrial Automation)
Specialization : Distributed Systems and Networks
Grade B Pass

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